I am a much different person since I started seeing Enliven. Most obviously I am fitter but now I am more confident and a much more happier person.
I know everytime I have a session its going to be challenging, however I still really look forward to having it, never a chore its great fun and productive. I would highly recommend it, fantastic.
Darren Stevens - Feb`08
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Enliven are very professional and are able to create a good atmosphere during the training, making it fun. My trainer motivated me and helped me to go out of my comfort zone and achieve results I did not think were possible in a short period of time.
Mike Seare - Dec`09
I have really enjoyed my personal fitness sessions and would recommend
Enliven to anyone who wants to lose weight and to improve their overall fitness, stamina and self image.
Mike Jones - Mar`09
Initially I started training with Enliven because I wanted to look good and feel healthy. I have noticed a significant improvement in my physical appearance, fitting into clothes I have not worn for years.
My only regret is that I didn`t employ their services sooner.
Dawn Chapman - Aug`09